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Bulk SMS Service Provider, Kolkata, West Bengal - Digital Wolf

Instantaneously send bulk SMS updates to thousands of clients. Using the Digital Wolf SMS gateway, you can send trustworthy promotional, transactional, and OTP SMSes at the lowest costs.

Businesses may swiftly deliver messages to thousands of clients with a bulk SMS and text message service. Simply enter the message, upload the list of your intended audience, and click "Send."

The bulk SMS service resembles what was once referred to as message broadcasting. However, this is only capable of handling slightly more.

You may schedule SMS campaigns, automate SMSes using our SMS API, and personalize the sender ID by using a bulk SMS gateway like Digital Wolf, a reputed bulk sms marketing company in Kolkata.

Get your communications delivered promptly and consistently. Businesses can use real-time analytics to make important decisions within the organization by using information on delivery rates, delivery failures, and causes for delivery failures.

Types of Bulk SMS services we provide:

  • Commercial SMS used to communicate deals and promotions to your clientele.
  • PIN SMS used to send a code for the registration of new users, the verification of payments, etc.
  • SMS transactions used to send notifications such as order confirmations and delivery notifications.
    • Long Lasting Customer Relations

      As a top SMS marketing firm, we create and build text marketing software that is user-friendly and enables our clients to send mass SMS. You can even manage your campaigns while on the go with our new text messaging platform.

    • Uphold Customer Sentiments

      It is a striking method of making your clients feel important, unique, and valuable. For all of your needs regarding bulk SMS marketing services, turn to Digital Wolf.

    • A 360-Degree Solution to SMS Marketing

      We offer comprehensive solutions for using mobile technology to communicate with a variety of customers

    Our Benefits

    The best part about choosing Digital Wolf for Bulk messaging services is the associated benefits like the handy experience which you attain. Whether it is email marketing, SMS marketing or reaching a bulk audience via social media; we got you covered.

    • Helps in contacting a larger audience base

    • Cost Effective

    • Smart Strategies

    • Saves time and money at the same time

    • Most popular way of building brand presence

    bulk sms service provider in india

    Customized Bulk Messaging

    With our customized bulk messaging services, you would be able to increase customer engagement levels, ensure a higher conversion rate and get great ROI.

    Flexible Mode

    Bulk messaging is a really flexible mode of reaching out to a large number of people within a budget.

    Easy to Track

    SMS marketing is also comparatively easier to track, analyze and draw conclusions from regarding your business’ reach.

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