Web Design And Development

Website is the most important part of your business in this online world. If you have a website you are connected to the whole world with no cost. A website shows who u are and what you are doing, it is your businesses identity.Your website connects you to your customers around the globe, people who are looking for your business can easily find you online with the help of your website. For this your website needs to be designed attractively. Here, at Digital Wolf, we help you with the most effective web design and development services to increase your business lead.

A website should be

  1. User friendly
  2. Should provide the right information
  3. Should be a designed in the proper manner so that all the search engines can crawl properly which helps to rank your website in the top.
  4. Should not take a lot of time of the user as it can make them impatient.

Reasons why your business need a website

  1.  A website can save you money
  2.  Your business can gain weight
  3. A website helps keep your customers about your product and news all the time
  4. A website makes it possible to enlarge your business to a larger audience
  5. A website is always accessible at any part of the world.
  6. A website saves a lot of time
  7. A website helps you provide better service to your customers.

Our website building packages

5 Pages website  Rs. 18,499

*Additional Webpage Rs 1,000 per page

10 Pages website Rs. 22,499

*Additional Webpage Rs 900 per page

15 pages website Rs. 26,499

*Additional Webpage Rs 800 per page

15 pages website Rs. 26,499

*Additional Webpage Rs 800 per page

25 pages website Rs. 33,499

*Additional Webpage Rs 600 per page